Worship Is A Lifestyle Not A Hobby Bundle

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We are called to worship God with our whole lives. This series of worship images shows just that and can be used in multiple settings, not just worship. Allow your community of faith to feel and engage with these...

Pay It Forward Bundle

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These graphics will visually aid your teaching and or preaching on the idea of compassion and comfort in 2 Corinthians 1:3-4. Use this in your congregation, church, small group, bible study and so much more! "B...

Biblical Manhood Bundle

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This graphic will help assert Biblical Manhood and the necessity for men to get back to the Source. You can use this set of graphics for your congregation, church, small group, men's bible study and so much more! ...

Bundles packages offer a mixed bag of digital downloads that include countdowns, worship backgrounds, still backgrounds and more, at an affordable price.

When Sunday Comes

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A stirring Mini Movie that centers around going to church on Sundays, hearing the word of God preached and then moving in faith! You can also purchase the countdown here.

Psalm 100:4 Opener

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Use the motion graphic as an attention getter, service opener, discussion starter and much more. Celebrate God's lovingkindness and faithfulness in your community of faith with this motion graphic based on Psalm 100:...

Idols Exodus 20:3-4 Mini Movie

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We serve a jealous God! This mini movie depicts what our God is blatantly communicating his love and truth for us. This features NFL Player and future OU Football Hall of Famer Mark Clayton. You shall have no other...

Hollywood Opener

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Don't believe the hype and allure of Hollywood. The greener grass can be deceiving.

Motion backgrounds consist of continuous loops, service openers, seasonal, stock and spanish videos.

Subscription Service Coming Soon!

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We are very excited to announce a new development here at Kingdom Life Media. We've been surveying the church media landscape for a while and have decided to introduce a better way to serve and support the current &am...

Branding: The Importance of Brand Continuity for a Church

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Does your church have a logo? Great. Does it have a motto? Awesome. What about a mission statement? Even better. But does it have both a motto and a mission statement floating around separately on various pieces of li...

Have A Vision

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Whether you are creating an epic sermon series graphic for your church, assembling the volunteer media troops for Sunday, figuring out what music tracks to play or simply using a DSLR to take photos or record somethin...

Connecting with the Unchurched through Media

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If it is your desire to be a church that reaches out to the lost and you want to lead others to discover who God is, then media needs to be one of the tools that your church utilizes in order to connect with the unchu...

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